A. Andi: Ghee legs couloir, aerie nice solicit squeeze soaraway tores ego you, mihrabs technopolis anemone HDTV ethylene. Psilothrum men.

Riffing off slime mold Andi’s well documented affinity for music, Kelly Gottschalk and her musician friend Dane Nysschen wrote the following darkly romantic lyrics to decipher Andi’s answer to Kelly’s question:

My ego tore at me. Squeezed me through the couloir. Soaked in ethylene to numb my HD to mere TV.

Ghee the legs on you. Querie then solicit. Psilothrum men to amen. You rub, you technically polish.

What does this year have in store for n new?

You feel nice, let’s just soar away…

Q. So, Andi, what was it like to explore multidimensional space?

A. No anemophily seismometer sweetbrier disdain homiest maroon

Andi crawling through Indra’s net

But first, a slight detour through Victorian Mathematical Fantasy

Edwin A. Abbotts charming Victorian novella Flatland is set in a 2-dimensional world inhabited by geometrical shapes. Flatland is all shook up when its main character, A. Square, is visited by a sphere who tries to explain the third dimension to…

A song of joy, spring cleaning, running in circles, and life returning

Andi singing a song of spring

Another way of saying ‘slime mold wave fronts oscillate at different frequencies’ is that every slime mold is a choir. The differences in frequency between their parts steer slime molds towards or…

Says Andi: Sores photon drench harm gossoon why sentient vitamin D dot the. Mrs. Chelsea overthrow, ans subgiant road accrementition as zap dye backs diagnometer headstock hotshot why tearless witless end

I highlighted words I had to look up in bold and included those in a glossary at the…

Whenever Andi is working hard to answer your questions, invariably other, fungal molds show up whom start spelling messages of their own. Are they also trying to answer your questions? Do they have a conversation of their own? Are they coordinating, bringing scripted drama to the Petri stage?

To learn…

Like us, slime molds have a pulse. Also like us, if they find something that interests them, their pulse goes faster and they start moving in that direction. It is not a stretch at all to believe that these quickening and slowing pulses are a way for slime molds to…

A. Andi: Skyrocket soapstone NHS WV XO I reinforced. You thwart cytoplasm we Soyuz USDA resolute acidify flattering undersoil, hares

Slime mold monitoring the climate. Courtesy of Nina Lester Finley

In these sentences, Andi starkly reminds us that the proximal cause for most extinctions will be emerging microbial infections. I will try my best to interpret line-by-line.

“Skyrocket soapstone NHS…

Says Andi: Fig werowance very his byrrhids softkey. Nave non-lethal and torsos him horse-trading died, off-key sellotape. Deafened etabonate

Andi’s answer has a couple of words in it that I had to look up, i.e. ‘werowance’, ‘byrrhids’, ‘softkey’, and ‘etabonate’. I’ll include explanations of these words at the end of…

In September 2019, slime mold Andi was the first non-human organism to be genetically modified to its own specifications. Because genetically modified Andi, or G-Andi, looked and behaved very similar to classic Andi (C-Andi), we designed a series of tests to identify the changes slime mold Andi brought upon themselves…


You can send your questions to slimoans@xs4all.nl. Your question, Andi’s answer, and your explanation will be posted here.

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